HKU Fireside - What is Work?

Co-founder and CEO of Innopage Keith Li has chosen to expand the physical size of the office and use one third of the area to set up a party room with gaming facilities for a relaxing atmosphere in the office. He hopes his staff will be happy to go to work every morning and build on their teamwork. “The business of app design requires the brainstorming of new ideas together. I always emphasise that, ‘you must come to and leave work punctually’. If you get off work late, you won’t be able to connect with your friends or have time for meet ups and dinner gatherings, which will limit your personal growth,” Keith said.

Keith agreed that there is different norms in different generations. He tells his staff if there is new way to do something that is better than the way it used to be done, they can always propose a change and the company would choose the method that best suits the time.

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