Secrets of Success: Keith Li, co-founder and CEO of Innopage Ltd, believes in taking risks

Now, the co-founder and CEO has shaped the company into a multi-award winning app developer and design consultant, working with multinational corporations like Samsung, the World Wildlife Fund, and the South China Morning Post.

“As we were about to execute our plan, Apple announced the release of the iPad, and its large screen size would make e-reading even more appealing,”said Li. A month later, his new startup, Innopage, launched one of the first e-books in Hong Kong .

With its early bird advantage, Innopage scooped up its fair share of worms in Hong Kong, having since worked with around 70 per cent of the city’s publishers and multiple university presses. The company has continued to evolve, moving from publication to app design and development.

Li’s experiences are proof that the journey to success is just as important as the arrival.

“We’re all so concerned about the thousandth light bulb Thomas Edison invented that we have forgotten about the 999 failures which preceded it. Everyone must go through trial and error before success,” Li added.

His advice to Young Post readers: don’t be afraid of taking risks.

“Fear not of trying. Trying might lead to failures, but without trying, you have nothing.”


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